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At Skydive Skåne we tandem skydive from 13,000 feet. After just a quick safety briefing you and your instructor will load into the plane and start your adventure. You will experience an exhilarating freefall from a fully functional airplane for almost a minute in speeds exceeding 125 mph. Your tandem instructor will deploy the parachute at 5,000 feet and offer you guidance as you fly the parachute together for 5-10 minutes before performing a smooth landing in front of your jealous friends.

A tandem skydive is the perfect experience for those who’ve already done it all, and it’s also a much appreciated gift for birthdays and bachelor and bachelorette parties, to name a few. After your first tandem skydive you will get a round of high fives, a nice t-shirt and a diploma.


Anyone can tandem skydive! Young or old, short or tall. Not even a physical disability needs to be a hindrance. Basically you can do it as long as you fit in the harness, and you should be at least 4 1/2 feet tall to do that. If you weigh more than 220 lbs and/or have any physical disabilities, we ask you to contact our Tandem Organiser Sebastian Berglund at 044-23 82 402 or at tandem@skydiveskane.se. We will do our best to make it work!

A memory for life

Uthopp med Dan

The thrill of the freefall is something totally extraordinary and the sensation just can’t be described in words. Luckily you can get video and photographs that gives you the opportunity to relive and show the amazing feeling to your loved ones.

The video will be professionally edited and contain the preparations while still on the ground, the time in the airplane and most importantly, your exit and the freefall. Last but not least you will get to see yourself safely come back to the ground with that special grin only a fellow skydiver can relate to. In addition to this you will get ca 40 high resolution photographs for posting on Facebook, e-mailing your friends or printing on a large canvas and putting on the wall, whatever you want.

The video and the photographs will be available via private links for downloading a short while after the tandem skydive.


Tandem skydive: 2990:-
Video and photographs: 1250:-

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