Our Club

That Skydive Skåne is only the third largest drop zone in Sweden is something we just have to live with, but the title as ‘Best Drop Zone in Sweden’ is something we aspire for every year. We share the airfield with Kristianstad Airport which belongs to a small town called Everöd, hence our drop zone is sometimes referred to as Everöd Drop Zone or EDZ. We jump whenever the weather permits it all year round, except Sundays in July, to keep on good terms with our nice neighbours.


We have a large hangar with soft packing mats to spare your knees, elbows and equipment. You will also find personal lockers, a mock-up where you can practise your exits to perfection and a room for all the equipment and necessities you might need to borrow or buy before your jump.

Sauna and showers

Slip inside the sauna to relax your muscles after a long day of skydiving, listen to secrets never before uttered and raise your ice cold beers up for a loud “SKÅL!”. Just outside the sauna you will find showers and a large changing room. Or why not have your shower outside, with the sky as your ceiling? Very nice on a hot summer day.


Our clubhouse offers a large kitchen, storage possibilities, refrigerators and freezers. Bring your own food and prepare it yourself, we have everything you need. Though we most often cook big dinners together, where everybody helps and share the cost. Or maybe we do a beach jump over Åhus and get food down by the beach walk. The clubhouse is also where we have some of our meetings and sit down together to watch videos of all the great jumps we’ve done. Oh and did I mention we have a bar? And a pool table. And a stripper pole…

Around and about

Get real cozy around the fire and watch the world’s, believe it or not, greatest sunset. Put your meats, fish and veggies on the grill and share with great friends around the large table just outside the clubhouse.

Sleeping quarters

When it’s time to go to sleep there are bunkhouses, camping or caravans. Our drop zone can house over 500 people when we organize our world-famous Midsummer Boogie! Wake up to a lovely sunset, birdsong and the beautiful sound of our Turbo Beaver starting its turbine engine for the first load of the day. Come out and discover for yourself what our skydivers already know, which is what makes Skydive Skåne great. Welcome!

Our fleet


Our primary airplane is a DHC-2 MK III Turbo Beaver which is the fastest skydiving airplane in Northern Europe. The Beaver reaches our jump-altitude of 13,000 feet in just about 14 minutes. This means, under the right circumstances, we can do 20-25 loads to full altitude per day with 10 jumpers per load. Fun fact - Harrison Ford owns a DHC-2 Turbo Beaver and according to him, it’s his favorite in his own fleet. Indiana Jones knows what he’s talking about!


We also use a Cessna 206 on busy days. It takes the Cessna 25 minutes to reach 10,000 feet with a load of 6 jumpers.