Skydiving Demo Jump

Skydive Skåne does exhibition jumps that will undoubtedly enhance any event. Whether it’s a sporting event, a grand opening, product launching or any sort of special event this is the guaranteed crowd pleaser. Each show is custom tailored to fit your desires.

The number of exhibition skydivers can vary from 2-3 up to 10 or more. Our demo jumps include a speaker who can direct the audiences attention up into the sky when it’s time for the jumpers to exit the plane, and then talk a little about skydiving and the landing techniques. 

It is really spectacular when our exhibition skydivers come in for landing right in front of the audience. If you want to take it up a notch you can have them bring something down with them. A few examples are the game ball, a trophy or scissors for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Of course we also perform flag jumps, smoke jumps or costume jumps.

Our team also includes tandem pilots, which means one of your events VIP’s can do a tandem skydive and land together with the rest of the team. Anyone can do a tandem skydive and you don’t need any prior experience from skydiving.

Call or e-mail our Head of Skydiving Demo jumps and describe what you have in mind.

The sky’s not the limit… We will do everything we can to fulfill your wishes.

All we need is about 165x165 feet to land on.

Contacts our showcase responsible Jesper Forsman at or at 0708-45 10 90