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To jump from a fully functional airplane 13,000 feet above the ground, fly around up in the clouds with your best buddies, soar over the trees with your parachute and feel the adrenaline rush from landing.

Course dates 2021

Book course 1: 1-5/4 2021 Start 18:00 1/4

Book course 2: 9-13/7 2021 Start 18:00 9/7 (English)

Book course 3: 18-22/7 2021 Start 18:00 18/7

Does that sound like something you would like to do?

Of course it does!

Here at Skydive Skåne you can get your very own skydiving license, to be able to jump with the world as your playground. We have long and dependable experience from educating skydivers since 1963. Our crew consists of skilled and qualified instructors, modern equipment and one of the fastest skydiving airplanes in all of Sweden. We skydive from 13,000 feet, which means more time in freefall and maximum enjoyment of every jump. We educate in close collaboration with the Swedish Parachute Association (SFF) in the modern AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) program.


  • Theory classes
  • Course literature
  • 1 or 10 educational skydives
  • Insurance
  • The equipment you need during the whole course
  • SFF membership
  • SFK membership
  • The paper Svensk Fallskärmssport during one year
  • License after graduated course (10 approved jumps) that is valid anywhere in the world.

The AFF course follows the terms and conditions of the Swedish Parachute Association (SFF) and is led by experienced instructors who will make sure you are well prepared before your first jump. Usually the course is set up for four days, either two weekends in a row or four days straight, and you do your first exciting jump as early as the fourth day. During the basic course you will get to learn everything you need to become a licensed skydiver. We will cover all the vital elements, such as the proper way of exiting the plane, getting mentally prepared, how to move in freefall, flying, landing and packing your parachute. Including all the necessary safety precautions and actions, like how and when to deploy your reserve parachute.

After the duration of the basic course and your first jump/jumps you will be able to decide for yourself at what rate and during which weekends you would like to continue your education. You will get thorough instructions before each jump. Two instructors will accompany and hold onto you in freefall for the first two jumps. They will give you direct feedback and correct you using visual hand signs and gestures. From jump three you'll have just one instructor with you. The instructors will also record the jump on camera. Every educational jump contains maneuvers that you have to master before you can advance to the next level.

Even after deploying your parachute, you'll need to perform certain tasks, such as maneuvering, and landing safely where you're supposed to. A careful debrief follows every jump. All this while having the time of your life!

Could I take a course?

In order to take a course you just need to pass a standard medical exam before the course starts. You can choose any doctor or health center and have them fill in the form linked above.

If your weight exceeds 220 lbs we ask you to contact us prior to booking.

When will I have my license?

Skydiving is a sport that is very dependent on weather, which makes it very hard to say how long it will take before you have your license. It differs a lot from person to person as well, depending on how much time you can spend and how fast or slow you want to perform your jumps. If all the pieces fall into place, you can complete your course in as little as two weekends in addition to the specified course date.


Medical exam


AFF course

Course package 1
includes 1 educational jump:         7900kr

Course package 2
includes 10 educational jumps:    11 900kr

Course package 3
includes 10 educational jumps:    12 700kr
+ 4 coached jumps.

Additional fees for complementary educational jumps when choosing Course package 1, and for eventual extra educational jumps if one or more jumps are not approved (regardless of Course package) are applied.

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